Jeffrey White

In 1999 Jeffrey began competing locally in track & field for his school.  His past time quickly became a passion for competition, and running.  Not soon after Jeffrey joined a running club and started competing at bigger events.  He has competed in provincials, across Canada, and several track meets internationally.  His specialty is in the 800m.

Jeffrey’s passion for running is what sparked his interest in the rehab world.  Looking for a career that would allow him to blend both his passion for athletics and natural understanding of science, He decided to pursue his studies in Athletic Therapy.  He attended Concordia University from 2006-2009, obtaining a B.Sc in Athletic Therapy with distinctions at the age of 21.

Jeffrey began working with sports teams such as the men’s Vanier AAA soccer team, AA Basketball team, football and hockey teams.  He worked, both on and off the field, with the athletes to ensure maximum performance, health, and injury prevention.

Shortly after completing his studies at Concordia University, Jeffrey was accepted into the Master’s physiotherapy program at McGill University in 2009.  Studying full time, and continuing to work part-time, He had the opportunity to broaden his knowledge and experience and expand it to other populations other than the athletic.  He had the opportunity to work with the pediatric population, suffering from either mental or physical delays.  As well as working along side other professionals to help patients recover from cardiovascular accidents and neurological conditions.

Returning to full-time work, after completing his M.Sc in 2011, Jeffrey now pursues an interest in advanced manipulative manual therapy; and he is in the midst of completing his fellowship with the AQPMO.

In short, Jeffrey has a B.Sc in Athletic Therapy, an M.Sc (A) in Physical Therapy and is a member of the “L’Ordre Professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec”.  He has experience working with a varying degree of populations, with a goal to decrease/eliminate pain, restore function, strength and conditioning, maximize performance and injury prevention.