Massage therapists use a variety of techniques to help you relax, reduce stress and tension, reduce pain and physical discomfort, increase energy and promote over all well being and increase resistance to disease.

The massage therapists at Medi-Club use an extensive array of approaches to the massage therapy, having pursued continuing professional education in myofascial, deep tissue, neuromuscular release techniques, holding pressure techniques, somatotherapy, lymphatic drainage, reflexology and articular pumping. The therapists employ various massage styles, including Sports, Therapeutic, Swedish, Californian, Oriental and Acupressure.

Shiatsu ( 指圧 )

Shiatsu is a healing therapy from Japan that is based on ancient Chinese medical practice. The word shiatsu translates as finger- pressure. In session, the therapist use fingers, palms, elbows or knee to apply comfortable, sustained pressure to the body.  Shiatsu follows similar principles to western massage using the principles of anatomy and physiology. Shaitsu includes stretches to parts of the body that contract with stress and inactivity (back, neck, lumbers, and shoulder blades) and assisted movements of the joints which allow the energy to flow through these parts of the body and therefore function better. Shaitsu is normally practiced on a mat or futon on the floor. This is allows the Shiatsu Therapist to apply pressure using body leverage rather than force and both giver and receiver are more relaxed.  The receiver wear loose clothing for the season and oils are not used.

Shiatsu is a natural therapy which can help to relieve pain and stress, straitened the body and normalize its functions.